Toyota Highlander Versus Honda Pilot: Who Wins?

24 Feb 2019 7:23 pm | Cars

Goodbye minivans, hello mid-size three-row crossover SUV. Business Insider says that in 2018, the Ford Explorer and the Toyota Highlander combined to outsell the entire minivan segment by about 24,000 units. But although the $49,000 dollar Highlander is a top seller, when Business Insider compared it with the same priced Honda Pilot, it fell short. Business Insider explains, "The Honda Pilot's smooth ride, punchier powertrain, and superior infotainment tipped the contest in its favor." There are some perks to the Highlander. This includes top notch safety features, a comfy interior packed with USB ports and clever storage nooks, and great interior ergonomics. But the Honda Pilot also comes a legendary V6, a flawless cabin, and a laundry list of standard safety features and more of a "refined ride." Business Insider says that the Highlander's ride feels more comparable to a minivan. They add that the Honda Pilot is "designed to deliver competent acceleration, a smooth ride, and a quiet cabin. The Pilot delivers all of those."