Self Driving Cars To Hit UK Roads In 2021

8 Feb 2019 12:08 pm | Cars

Soon seeing driverless cars on public roads in Britain could be the norm. According to CNN, the government announced on Wednesday that driverless cars could be in use on UK roads by 2021. This comes after UK ministers announced plans to progress on advanced trials and codes of practice for automated vehicles.

The Department for Transport says that this will help provide "a major boost to the UK's market for connected and automated vehicles," which they estimate will be worth about $67 billion by 2035. But some warn that the UK should not claim victory on the technology just yet. Charlie Henderson, a roads expert at PA Consulting explains, "To get autonomous vehicles working on the roads relies on six or seven factors, of which technology is one." Others include legislation, policing, insurance, and educating pedestrians and cyclists about how driverless cars function.