2019 Suzuki Jimny meets 1989 Suzuki SJ410 | 4x4s off-road

4 Apr 2019 9:17 pm | Cars

What's better than a Suzuki Jimny? Two Suzuki Jimnys. The new Jimny is one of our favourite cars of the moment, for reasons even we can't figure out sometimes, but think it's down to its charm and honesty and its off-road brilliance.

And it is but the latest in an extended line of Jimny that stretches back half a century. Which made us think: let's put the latest Jimny into some kind of context by driving a classic of what was once often kindly, albeit incorrectly, known as the 'Suzuki Jeep'. So we got our hands on a 1980s Suzuki SJ410 and put it through the same paces as the latest Jimny as the modern car meets one of its heroic predecessors.